Demonstrations & Experimentation
to Realise Integrated System Concepts

Published: May 2019

BAE Systems Air – Synthetic Environment Integration of Heterogeneous Platforms

Work Package 6 – Integration of Heterogeneous Systems – was created specifically to enable the design and construction of a synthetic environment facility that would allow examination of technologies that could be used to enable inter-platform tasking and information transfer (supporting enabling the future air force, MUMT and Air/Land integration) and to provide a means to assess and demonstrate the military utility of those technologies. This facility was successfully constructed and tested in the BAE Systems (Air) MSIF during April and May 2019.

The facility developed in Work Package 6 incorporated;

  • BAE Systems’ WEnDL and General Dynamics’ Netlink link agnostic toolsets, configured and integrated to allow Link16 message data to be communicated to all platforms / nodes within the synthetic network
  • Technologies pulled through from other Phase 8 Work Packages
  • Cognitive Multi-Platform Sensor Fusion Algorithm from Leonardo Electronics (Work Package 2)
  • Stores Management System – Safe Release from UAS from General Dynamics integrated with the Thales Watchkeeper simulation (Work Package 3)
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller C2 with integrated AR Glasses from BAE Systems ES (Work Package 5)
  • Typhoon and MALE simulations from BAE Systems (AIR)
  • Watchkeeper simulation from Thales
  • Wildcat and RWUAS simulations from Leonardo Helicopters
  • Bowman Communications Node from General Dynamics
  • MACCS representative C2 node (QinetiQ)
  • A common SE Simulation backbone
  • Representative vignettes that would require the platforms to share tasking and information via the inter-platform communications toolsets
  • A Link16 message set was developed containing all of the Link16 messages required to complete the defined vignettes.

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