Published: March 2015

Forthcoming Event

An AMS DE-RISC Showcase & Demonstration Event, hosted by BAE Systems is to be held in The Intelligent Systems Integration Suite at Warton site on the 18th & 19th March 2015.

  • Showcasing the culmination of four years work exploiting contemporary mission systems research – plug & play, component orientated software architectures and intelligent systems
  • Presentations and live demonstrations illustrating the benefits of new integrated mission system concepts
  • Pioneering industrial partnerships to enable future UAS mission system Reference Architecture (Pyramid)
  • Attended by MOD, Dstl, lead industry partners, involved innovative enterprises and academia

What is AMS DE-RISC?

AMS DE-RISC is a Dstl funded experimental programme to mature and de-risk the integration of multiple advanced mission system concepts already developed through existing MOD research programmes in order to demonstrate and advance the level of maturity of the integrated capability. This will enable the realisation of the following advanced mission system concepts: common, open, modular, scalable, flexible and reusable.

Our Goals

  • Reduced mission system design and integration costs and timescales
  • Enable mission systems that can accommodate increasingly complex military environments
  • Enable more flexible and adaptable mission systems in service
  • Configurable mission systems for export and collaboration

Event Topics

Topics to be covered include:

  • Advanced mission system technology and integration demonstrations
  • Development and exploitation of a Reference Architecture
  • Realising the benefits of the programme
  • Example demonstrations of operational scenarios

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