Demonstrations & Experimentation
to Realise Integrated System Concepts

Published: October 2017

GDMS Successfully Demonstrates an AMOSA System

Through AMS DE-RISC, General Dynamics UK undertook activities to investigate alignment of the US FACE and UK/French ECOA approaches to avionics architecture. This work involved General Dynamics UK supporting DSTL in the UK/US AMOSA project. Work was done in partnership with the US Army and US Navy and their supporting contractors.

The bi-lateral US/UK AMOSA project was tasked with investigating integration concerns between independently developed avionics Open Systems Architectures (OSA) including ECOA AS (v4) and FACE Technical Standard v2.1.  One of the key aims of this project was to be able to port source code between the FACE and ECOA platforms without requiring any source code modifications.

The project developed a Portable Interface encapsulating the key capabilities required by avionics applications. This Portable Interface can be hosted by ECOA and FACE as well as other OSA platforms.

GDMS demonstrated an AMOSA system with AMOSA portable applications running on both an FACE technical Standard (v2.1) and ECOA AS (v4) platforms interacting with native FACE and ECOA applications at the AMS DE-RISC management group meeting in October 2017. The demonstration was also given at a joint UK/US Open Architectures Workshop at Pax River in the US in October 2017.

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