Demonstrations & Experimentation
to Realise Integrated System Concepts

Published: January 2019

Integration of ECOA Wrapped Technologies into Legacy Platforms

European Component Orientated Architecture (ECOA) components are developed specifically to allow portability with minimal integration overhead. This may work well with emerging systems architectures designed from the outset for ECOA. However, the ability to integrate ECOA modules with existing in service systems would open doors to the far wider adoption of such modules.

This research took two pieces of non-ECOA functionality and wrapped them in an ECOA interface using the previously developed Open Source ECOA Tool Set (OSETS) and also developed a common interface into a non-ECOA system architecture (the Thales UK Watchkeeper UAS) – a first.

The integrated system was successfully demonstrated in a Synthetic Environment at Thales, Crawley.

At a higher integration level one of the wrapped elements was supplied to Leonardo Helicopters for them to integrate into a helicopter system architecture.

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