Demonstrations & Experimentation
to Realise Integrated System Concepts

Published: June 2019

Military Utility Assessments of Integration Technologies

Assessments of the utility of the AMS DE-RISC technologies were completed at the BAE Systems (Warton) MSIF in June 2019. The assessments were carried out by Dstl Military Advisors working alongside the industry partners’ engineering teams. The assessment included the sharing of remote sensor information (WP4), sensor fusion between platforms (WP2) and C2 tasking from Command and Control Units, both remote and localised to the battlespace (WP5). In order to provide a baseline against which military utility could be assessed, two formats of the scenario were developed.

  • Current State – the mission would be attempted using currently existing technologies only i.e. communication by voice over radio.
  • Future State – the mission would be attempted using the AMS DE-RISC technologies to supplement the existing capabilities.

with the MAs comparing the conduct of the two formats of the vignettes, giving consideration to the following aspects;

  • timeliness / speed (comparison of mission duration)
  • No of assets required to complete mission
  • No of people required (level of exposure to risk)
  • Accuracy of data
  • Situational awareness

Positive comments on the technologies were received from the MAs. The improved situational awareness across all the participants, enable through WEnDL and Netlink, was described as being of great benefit, improving the timeliness and accuracy of battlefield comms while also reducing operator workload.

A demonstration of these technologies and their potential benefits, to a Dstl and industry audience, was successfully conducted following completion of the assessments.

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