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Published: January 2020

Phase 9 – Planning in Progress

DSTL has a requirement to extend the Programme for a further 2 years from 1 Apr 2020, to be known as Phase 9, and a contract amendment is under construction…

Published: November 2019

Spiral 2 Phase 8 Stakeholder Presentation and Demonstration Event

The technical demonstration gave impact to the day, in highlighting that there are current technologies available which can enable some of these new ways of working for the military. The…

Published: October 2019

Leonardo Helicopters (LH) Demonstrate Plug and Play Sensor integration, MUM-T and Air Land Integration.

Leonardo Helicopters demonstrated a data driven plug and play concept which would allow a mission system to more easily team with unmanned platforms, implemented in the Wildcat Tactical Processor using…

Published: June 2019

Military Utility Assessments of Integration Technologies

Assessments of the utility of the AMS DE-RISC technologies were completed at the BAE Systems (Warton) MSIF in June 2019. The assessments were carried out by Dstl Military Advisors working…

Published: May 2019

BAE Systems Air – Synthetic Environment Integration of Heterogeneous Platforms

Work Package 6 – Integration of Heterogeneous Systems – was created specifically to enable the design and construction of a synthetic environment facility that would allow examination of technologies that…

Published: March 2019

BAE Systems ES Demonstrate JTAC Software and AR Glasses Integration

At present, the JTAC builds up their situational awareness picture and coordinates the air operations, largely, using only voice communications over a radio link. The work carried out as part…

Published: February 2019

Leonardo ES Demonstration of Cognitive Multi-Platform Sensor Fusion

This Work Package examines how sensors on mixed platforms can be coherently fused to improve detection and track generation whilst using software agents to deliver a sensor/platform management plan to…

Published: February 2019

GD UK Demonstrates the Safe Control of a Stores Management System on Future Platforms

GD UK has de-risked the safety and certification aspects of stores carriage and deployment from unmanned platforms. The work included an investigation and integration of Ground – Air command protocols…

Published: January 2019

Integration of ECOA Wrapped Technologies into Legacy Platforms

European Component Orientated Architecture (ECOA) components are developed specifically to allow portability with minimal integration overhead. This may work well with emerging systems architectures designed from the outset for ECOA….

Published: October 2017

GDMS Successfully Demonstrates an AMOSA System

Through AMS DE-RISC, General Dynamics UK undertook activities to investigate alignment of the US FACE and UK/French ECOA approaches to avionics architecture. This work involved General Dynamics UK supporting DSTL…

Published: October 2017

BAE Systems, Electronic Systems creation of Open Source ECOA Toolset (OSETS)

A toolset to support the familiarisation and experimentation with ECOA based Design and Development has been created. The toolset supports graphical based design in the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment –…

Published: October 2017

Thales successfully trials integrated ASUR Technologies

During early October the AMS DE-RISC team carried out a week of experimentation to assess the performance of an integrated set of Autonomous Systems Underpinning Research (ASUR) developed technologies that…

Published: April 2017

Unmanned Warrior Event 2016

The Royal Navy sponsored Unmanned Warrior (UmW) event took place in September – October 2016 with activities taking place in Cardigan Bay and off the west coast of Scotland. AMS…

Published: February 2017

Autonomous Systems Engagement and Collaboration Event 2016

The ASUR consortium hosted a two day event on 12th and 13th September 2016, in Basingstoke. This event, through a series of briefs and networking poster sessions, provided attendees an…

Published: March 2015

AMS DE-RISC Future Mission Systems Technology Event

On the 26th of March 2014 key MOD officials and members of the AMS DE-RISC programme industry partnership converged at the ISIS lab in 7 hangar, Warton. The event showcased…