Demonstrations & Experimentation
to Realise Integrated System Concepts


Spiral 1 Overview

  • Spiral 1 programme ran from 2012-2015 (Phase 1 – 4)
  • Culminated in Phase 4 demonstration event – March 2015
  • Focused on the integration of a number of technologies into a generic platform architecture
  • Demonstrated in MSIF at BAE Systems Warton

Spiral 2 Overview

  • Spiral 2 Programme started in 2015
  • Started under the Dstl UAS Programme
  • Consisted of 4 Phases (Phase 5 – 8)
  • Phases 5–7 focused on the integration of technologies onto UAS platforms, including Watchkeeper as a system of interest
    Culminated in Phase 7 demonstration event at Thales Crawley
  • Phase 8 focused on the Dstl Air Systems programme – addressing the needs of current and planned air systems across all 3 FLC areas and specifically included interoperability of these platforms through a “Military Cloud”, considering both intra and inter platform integration approaches and technologies. Culminated in demonstration events at BAE Systems Warton and Farnborough.

Spiral 2 – Phase 9 – Currently in Planning Phase

DSTL has a requirement to extend the Programme for a further 2 years from 1 Apr 2020, to be known as Phase 9, and a contract amendment is under construction accordingly. As a logical progression of the research activity already conducted, Dstl requires the consortium to focus on improving mission effectiveness and survivability in contested and degraded operational environments. The consortium will concentrate on identifying and assessing relevant technologies, evaluate their military utility and understand the maturation of such technologies. This approach may include the application of advanced mission system technologies already demonstrated in previous phases where relevant. Phase 9 will also provide opportunities to continue research into specific advanced mission systems technologies as required by Dstl.