Demonstrations & Experimentation
to Realise Integrated System Concepts

Spiral 1

Spiral 1 was completed in March 2015. The programme defined and demonstrated an experimental Mission Systems architecture and associated interfaces, boundaries, technologies and approaches for scalable, flexible and dependable mission system concepts, for all future manned and unmanned air vehicles. Spiral 1 also developed the framework by which the Reference Architecture may be articulated, and cemented the Mission Systems Integration Facility (MSIF) laboratory at BAES Warton as the current AMS DE-RISC development and demonstration facility.

Programme Scope

  • Concepts and Technology Study
  • Facility Definition & Preparation
  • Secure and Dependable Mission Systems and Communications (SDMSC)
  • Plug and Play Mission and Weapons Systems (PPMWS)
  • Scalable Mission Systems (ScMS)
  • Concept Integration and Experimentation (CIE)
  • Communications Management Integrity Study



SPIRAL 1 Work Packages

  • Work Package 0: Programme Management and Support Activities
  • Work Package 1: Define Advanced Mission System Concepts & Technology
  • Work Package 2: Identify, Analyse and Select Host Facility for AMS DE-RISC
  • Work Package 3: Development of Trades, Integration, Certification and Metrics Methods
  • Work Package 4: Secure and Dependable Mission Systems and Communications
  • Work Package 5: Plug and Play Weapons and Mission Systems
  • Work Package 6: Scalable Mission Systems
  • Work Package 7: Concept Integration and Experimentation
  • Work Package 8: Advanced Mission System Integration and Demonstration

Programme structure