Spiral 1

Spiral 1 was completed in March 2015


AMS DE-RISC is a research integration and demonstration programme led by the UK MOD Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

  • The programme will be delivered by a consortium of UK industry
  • The programme focuses on the integration of existing MOD research activities
  • The programme is approximately 39 months, funded as part of the UAS Pipeline
  • Concluding March 2015

Customers Vision

“To have defined and demonstrated an entire architecture for scaleable, flexible and dependable mission system concepts, for multi-role, multi-mission Unmanned Air Systems, by March 2015.”

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory


Operating environments are getting more complex with fewer platforms available to conduct operations driving the need for multi-role, multi-mission systems. UAS autonomous capability has the potential to increase capability and reduce through-life cost. However, the implementation of autonomy will be inherently complex due to fundamental behavioural changes required throughout the entire avionics system. The realisation of cost savings will require a more widely adopted integration model than the current prohibitively expensive and stove-piped approach used by individual platforms.

The ‘Autonomy and Mission Systems’ Thrust of the UAS R&D Pipeline has developed a coherent strategy to address the step-change required. AMS DE-RISC is an essential and core integrating element to this strategy; it will provide a framework, technology integration and facility/s for integrated experimentation and demonstration.



The Advanced Mission System Demonstrations and Experimentation to Realise Integrated System Concepts (AMS DE-RISC) Programme is a collaborative UK research and development programme seeking to mature, de-risk and demonstrate the integration of a coherent set of Advanced Mission System (AMS) concepts from existing MOD research programmes for Unmanned Air Systems (UAS).

Integration of the following core research programmes:

  • Autonomy in Mission Management (AMM)
  • Capability Agility
  • Common Defensive Aids Suite (CDAS)
  • European Common Operating System
  • Studies for Integrated Multifunction Compact Lightweight Airborne Radars and Systems (SIMCLAIRS)
  • Weapons Integration UK (WIUK) Plug and Play

Programme structure


Phase 4

The main objective of this follow on 4 year programme is to de-risk the integration of multiple advanced mission system concepts in order to demonstrate and advance the level of maturity of that integrated capability. The approach to study, experimentation and demonstration is broadly similar to that performed in Spiral 1 – Phases 1 to 4, which culminate in the Demonstration Event in March 2015.

AMS DE-RISC Spiral 2 – Phase 5-8, will provide wider industry an official interface with the customers objective and drive to a common reference architecture, providing technical review and feedback. It will also be responsible for using European Component Oriented Architecture (ECOA) and the common reference architecture, as it continues to provide systems integration research de-risking for those two areas.