Demonstrations & Experimentation
to Realise Integrated System Concepts

Spiral 2

The Spiral 2 programme builds upon the significant achievements of Spiral 1 by:

  • Expanding the scope of the experimental Mission System to include stores management, sensors and functions not yet investigated in the context of open, component oriented, service oriented architectures.
  • Introducing studies and experiments to investigate the early exploitation of emerging AMS DE-RISC approaches, such as ECOA, on legacy platforms such as Typhoon, Wildcat and Watchkeeper.
  • Developing and maturing the Reference Architecture as instantiated in Pyramid, by integrating specific mission system components, developed by the partners, with the Pyramid core mission system.
  • Extending the demonstration realm into potential flying and/or live demonstrations, targeted at a Joint Warrior exercise.
  • Further developing the scope and extent of the laboratory infrastructure available to AMS DE-RISC, moving towards a National Mission System Integration Laboratory.
  • Provision of a proving ground, and exploitation route for AISM and ASUR research; vetting, focusing and providing requirements for emerging candidate technologies.

Programme Scope

Phase 5/6/7

Laboratory Development

  • Watchkeeper Technology Transition Lab Feasibility Study

System Enablers

  • Autonomy Authorisation Framework Study
  • Next Generation Communications Modelling
  • Application of highly dynamic mission systems

Integration Experiments

  • Multiple Source Data Planning & Mission Execution Service Integration
  • Multi-UAV Control Station for Multiple UAVs
  • Autonomous Intelligent Sensor Management Prototype Software
  • Plug and Play ESM
  • Future Weapon System Architecture
  • High Integrity GPS Denied Navigation
  • Data Recorder
  • Multiple Intelligence Data Storage and Exploitation
  • Flexible and adaptable health monitoring

Architectural Alignment

  • Survivability for the UAS Platform
  • PERFECTA Integration in the UAS platform Mission System
  • Future Anti-Surface Guided Weapon (FASGW) Generic Architecture for Integration on legacy and Advanced Platforms
  • ECOA Exploitation
  • FACE ECOA Alignment
  • Highly dynamic processing capability
  • Use of ECOA on Legacy Systems
  • PERFECTA and Pyramid Amalgamation for use in a UAS platform Mission System

ECOA Phase 2 UK Only Support

  • Open Source ECOA Tools

Low TRL Technology Pull Through

  • Intelligent Video Codec – Roke Manor
  • Integration of different sources of Intelligence – Envitia
  • Picture Quality Metadata Extraction – QinetiQ
  • ECOA Based Data Recorder – BAE ES


  • Exercise Joint Warrior
  • AMS DE-RISC Synthetic Environment (SE) Technology Demonstration

Autonomous Intelligent Sensor Management for Non-FCAS platforms

Roadmap and Technology Development Strategy

Phase 8

  • Integration of ECOA Wrapped Technologies into Legacy Platforms
  • Integration of Cognitive Multi-Platform Sensor Fusion
  • Stores Management System – Safe Release from UAS
  • Plug and Play EO Sensor Integration using ECOA
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller C2
  • Heterogeneous Systems Integration
  • Trials and Demonstration