Capability Agility Vision

The MoD and its suppliers will have the technologies, processes and architectures embedded throughout the capability life cycle to ensure that the MoD is able to effect changes to its equipment capability in an agile, affordable and rapid manner, in response to changes in threat, theatre, regulation, rules of engagement and component availability (obsolescence).


  • Influence MoD project requirements to include “agility”.
  • Influence industry proposals & solutions to provide for adaptability.
  • Understand the extent of the obsolescence problem and the scope and approach to
    make improvements.
  • Ensure technologies and processes are available to enable system solutions to evolve over time and in response to requirement changes.
  • Identify and enable cost and time savings for avionics sustainment, upgrades and changes.

Characteristics of an Agile System

  • Affordable balance between procurement and through life costs.
  • Minimal OEM lock-in.
  • Systems designed for incremental change.
  • Timely technology insertion.
  • Managed obsolescence.
  • Flexibility to shift resources from Upkeep to Upgrade.

Technology Demonstrator Programme

The Capability Agility Programme includes a Technology Demonstrator Programme (TDP), which is split into three separate Work Packages (WP’s).

  • Work Package 1 demonstrates a method of ‘opening-up’ ‘closed’ architectures in a rapid, affordable manner that enables increased capacity and evolutionary capability.
  • Work Package 2 demonstrates the benefit of Model Based Development in the context of rapid and affordable development and changes to complex safety critical systems.
  • Work Package 3 demonstrates improved receptiveness to technology insertion by reduced certification effort, through the use of Modular and Evolutionary Safety Cases.