Demonstrations & Experimentation
to Realise Integrated System Concepts

Published: November 2019

Spiral 2 Phase 8 Stakeholder Presentation and Demonstration Event

The technical demonstration gave impact to the day, in highlighting that there are current technologies available which can enable some of these new ways of working for the military. The military users found the integrated system very valuable, and are keen to understand how we can transition to that level of integration (and associated new ways of working) in the future.

The Farnborough Event was a great capstone to Spiral 2, and really demonstrated how well industry can work together to overcome defence challenges if we [Dstl] can provide the right environment for that collaboration. The presentations were well delivered and told a coherent and compelling story, which resonated well with the audience. The attendees were suitably impressed with the day, and it was noticeable from the buzz of conversation over lunch – and the Q&A session – that the audience were well engaged with the event.

The integration off site at Farnborough shows the benefit of the collaborative nature of the AMS DE-RISC consortium at all levels of engagement, from engineering to management.

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