Demonstrations & Experimentation
to Realise Integrated System Concepts

Published: October 2017

Thales successfully trials integrated ASUR Technologies

During early October the AMS DE-RISC team carried out a week of experimentation to assess the performance of an integrated set of Autonomous Systems Underpinning Research (ASUR) developed technologies that are intended to reduce communications Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for the transmission of UAV platform collected imagery.

The technologies, from QinetiQ, Roke Manor Research, SQR systems together with ground based recording and analysis packages from BAE Systems Electronic Systems and Envitia demonstrated that a usable product could be passed from airborne collection asset to a ground station through a communications datalink significantly reduced in its QoS.

With this (the first of two planned trials series) proving the worth of these technologies, the study will now move on to planning the second which is aimed at assessing their operational worth when required to support ‘real world’ operator tasks.

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